Jinling steam warm pack - Non-medical products

Developed by Nanjing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using medicine and food same-origin concept of research and development. Different from the traditional warm paste, the herb essence package is provided by Nanjing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This product has a good relieving effect on dysmenorrhea with cold dampness, such as coldness of lower abdomen and cold fear of cold limbs.
Warm paste more than eight hours of continuous heating, exported to Japan quality.
In accordance with the spirit of relevant national policies, our hospital innovatively promotes the ability and level of TCM health services, so as to better meet the people's health needs to develop this product. According to the formula of famous team of TCM experts from Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sachets are made of high-quality TCM materials according to traditional techniques and processed with high-quality and stable heating materials of modern science and technology. Suitable for young female friends with fast pace of life and great work pressure to relieve the discomfort brought by dysmenorrhea. According to TCM, dysmenorrhea can be roughly divided into five syndromes, namely, qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold dampness stagnation, dampness and heat stasis, qi and blood weakness, and liver and kidney deficit. Among them, cold and damp stagnation is the most common. Cold dampness stagnation dysmenorrhea period in the lower abdomen cold pain, heat pain reduction, also visible fear cold limb cold, epigastric pain, heat pain reduction. Pay attention to keep warm during menstruation, combine work and rest, avoid cold, greasy and spicy food. When necessary, please go to a regular hospital for treatment.
13CM× 9.5cm was developed in cooperation with Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is suitable for keeping warm in the lower abdomen of women, and external hot application of abdominal discomfort during dysmenia (famous prescription of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine).